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Observations and commentary on aging, caregiving, and the complex journey through the second half of life.

Against All Odds

David Solie

David Solie

(Audience: General Population)

This presentation looks at the “clear and present danger” to quality of life posed by the 24/7 lifestyle of the twenty-first century. Through research and stories, David Solie offers unique and compelling insights into the physical, psychological, and spiritual price we all pay trying to navigate a seemingly unending flow of complex, urgent, and unpredictable information and transactions. Refusing to accept this 24/7 invasion of information and tasks as our destiny, he offers five strategies he has discovered that can improve our chances of reversing this trend and preserve quality of life. Rejecting quick fixes, David Solie maps out practical game plan to systematically checkmate this invasion and restore balance in our lives. Audiences throughout the United States and Canada have been enthralled and transformed by his fast paced, poignant, and humorous approach to the epidemic of “too much information,” an approach that combines the best of traditional and non-traditional medicine into a new, heart-based vision for preserving what matters the most in our lives.

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