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Observations and commentary on aging, caregiving, and the complex journey through the second half of life.

Unlocking the Communication Code of Aging Parents

David Solie

David Solie

Practical Communication Strategies for Working with Older Adults

(Audience: General Population)

David Solie is a nationally recognized geriatric communication expert who offers proven, practical solutions for adult children struggling with the problems of aging parents in a 24/7 world. His moving and inspiring presentation on the Unlocking the Communication Code of Aging Parents has led to dramatic and heartfelt changes for countless attendees and their families.

David’s presentation reveals the critical and unappreciated development tasks of older adults, a discovery that has unlocks the communication code between generations. His research, insights and stories offer clarity and compassion about the “mission” of older clients, the unique agenda of the last phase of life. It is an agenda all adult children need to know.

Once the tasks are understood, David shows audiences how to send the right signals to their aging parents, ones that makes it clear “you get it” and that you are “aging friendly.” He offers practical examples of how to use his signaling strategies in a variety of predictable dilemmas that all older adults face: changes in health, changes in living accommodations, managing finances, losing a spouse, and the right goodbye.

Sooner or later, all adults reach a point in their lifetime when they face the challenges that come with aging parents. David’s insights and communication strategies help adult children avoid the emotional quicksand that can ensnare their best intentions to do the right thing.

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