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Observations and commentary on aging, caregiving, and the complex journey through the second half of life.

Unlocking The Communication Code of Baby Boomers

David Solie

David Solie

Practical Communication Strategies for Working with Middle Age Adults

(Audience: Financial Advisors, Attorneys, CPAs, Senior Service Professionals, Planned Giving Specialists, and Trust Officers)

The entry into the second half of life comes with mixed feelings. On the one hand, forty-something adults feel a great sense of accomplishment in terms of their families and careers. They have leveraged education, hard work, determination, and creativity to become successful. This success is a large part of the self-confidence they feel about being able to manage the complex demands of life in the twenty-first century.

On the other hand, the clarity of the preceding twenty years is beginning to fade as evidence mounts that major changes are lurking just around the bend. Fading youth, changing relationships, health problems, and the undeniable aging of parents begin to transform a world of unlimited possibilities into a world of increased volatility and new dilemmas.

What do professional advisors need to know about the psychological developmental tasks of baby boomers in order to build and sustain successful relationships with this important clientele? How will the knowledge of the “secret mission” of baby boomers better prepare professional advisors to position their products and services as “middle-age friendly?” In addition, attendees will also learn:

1. The unappreciated complexity and challenges of the psychological currents that underlie the journey from forty-something to sixty- something.

2. The two primary psychological developmental tasks common to all baby boomers and their profound influence on the every aspect of middle age life.

The is essential information that professional advisors need know to effectively connect with new and existing baby boomer clients.

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