A Hollow Victory: Taking Control From Aging Parents

Adult children can win the battle for control

Through exhaustive power struggles with their aging parents.

But it proves to be a hollow victory,

 One filled with sadness and regret after they’re gone.

 Why not consider a different approach?

Where the battle for control is minimized

And adult children become CONTROL FACILITATORS

And,  as important,  LEGACY COACHES.


Don’t assume there isn’t a better way.

Take the time to find out.

Before time runs out….


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2 responses to “A Hollow Victory: Taking Control From Aging Parents

  1. Dear Mr. Solie,
    I know you and my husband were in touch with each other through your articles and some of my husband’s.
    It is with deep sorrow, that I must tell you that Herbert Randall died on the 14th of February and was laid to rest yesterday, on March 1st.
    Please know that your articles made a deep impression on us and made the last journey we had together more bearable.
    Thank you, Maria Randall

  2. My condolences at his passing…Herbert was a robust spirit…quick on his intellectual feet…His letter to your son and daughter carried far and wide in my network and beyond…said with disclosure and kindness…lifes’s currents he informed them…were taking him in a direction they may not understand yet…but at some point they will and see he meant well…

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