The Aging Parent Master Medication List

There are no short cuts to being prepared in the world of aging parents.

Medications are a prime example.  Nothing short of a Master Medication List is useful.

This type of list includes the two names of the medication (brand and generic), who prescribed it, why (be brave here and insist on knowing what this drug is treating), correct dose, how often, with or without food, how long the parent has been taking it, dispensing pharmacy and allergic reaction concerns.

Below is a Master Medication List form I created to gather medication information in a way that can be used and shared with family members and healthcare providers.  Feel free to make copies of my Master Medication List or develop your own.

Don’t worry so much about how to pronounce the names of the medications. Worry more about not knowing the whole medication story for an aging parent when so much is riding on correct dosing and avoiding adverse drug interactions…


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