Aging Parents Dance Cards

Introducing “Aging Parents Dance Cards,” which were created for adult children of aging parents. The photos below are from the front and back side of one of the cards in the twenty-card set entitled “Reset Expectations.”

Each card offers a bite size coaching moment designed to help sustain caregivers caught up in a world of competing obligations, increasing complexity and inconvenient timing.

Their goal is to offer concise, timely insights for decoding, reframing and navigating tasks or problems common to caregiving. As such, they help reduce conflict with aging parents by providing clear and effective strategies that promote more dancing and less wrestling.

Other card topics in the set include:

Childhood Matters
Driving Rules
Family Rules
Home Rules
Keep It Open
Last Stories
Looking Back
Magical Thinking
Medication Census
Mind The Gap
Moving In
One Good Day
Reframe Control
Sibling Rules
Social Fabric
Spousal Care

The card sets will go on sale in January 2017.