Another Sample from New Video: Task 2 “The Search for Legacy”

This clip is another sample chapter from my new video on how to improve communication between adult children and their aging parents. It will be released this summer.

The Task 2 clip looks at the issue of creating a legacy in a world where time is running out and without the social scaffolding of a communal society that in the past provided a forum and a process that honored the aged traveler and granted them elder status.

The key take away from this clip for adult children is that the task of creating a legacy is a critical part of the final phase of life for their aging parents and was never intend to be done alone.  It requires attentive facilitation by adult children to help their parents process decades of data that is being considered in life review, a prelude that involves sorting, reconsidering and selecting of the essential building blocks of legacy. 

Ultimately, legacy proves to be a story, the final narrative we all will tell ourselves at the end of our lives about meaning of our journey, the footprint we will leave behind and how we hope we will be remembered…

Chapter 7 Task 2: The Search for Legacy

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