Bite-Sized Comfort & Inspiration Anyone Can Afford

This week I released a new notecard set that features 10 of my favorite paintings, which are shown below. The set of all 10 and sets of 10 of the individual sets are available at my online Etsy Shop (see link below).  The only criticism I have so far about my notecards is that “they’re easy to keep for yourself.”  On the positive side, the notecards are a welcomed gift of bite-sized works of art that calm, inspire, and distract at a price anyone can afford.

Here is the link to my Etsy Shop called Note Card Art 

3 responses to “Bite-Sized Comfort & Inspiration Anyone Can Afford

  1. HI David,
    So glad to see you have found a new passion in creating art. Was this something you had done in your past? How did you discover, or rediscover it?

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