Boomers Still Haven’t Found What They’re Looking For

Is there a fourth way for Boomers to view being older in addition to:

1. Aging is to be dreaded
2. Aging is decline and detachment
3. Aging is a time off hyper-activity

Carol Orsborn and Robert L. Weber, authors of “The Spirituality of Age: A Seeker’s Guide to Growing Older” offer a fourth path, aging as a spiritual path. In this vision of aging, growing older takes on added meaning as a life stage with value and purpose of its own. The key is embracing rather than rejecting or denying the shadow side of aging.

It’s a compelling argument that reaffirms the eclectic spiritual flow of being older, a topical quilt of callings, curiosities, and epiphanies. T.S, Eliot was right, we’re all circling our experiences only to arrive where we started and know ourselves for the first time…

The key lesson we’ve forgotten in our rush to beat old age (COMMENTARY)