Can Boomers help solve the looming caregiver shortage?

The article below reconfirms the sobering fact that in ten years, when Boomers become eighty-something, the mainstays of support, paid and unpaid caregivers, will be scacre. Aside from handwringing, what can be done about this mismatch?

Maybe it’s time for Boomers to create a nationwide network of community-based caregiver support teams staffed by cohorts who have undergone specialized training. This generational army of trained caregivers could play an important role in addressing the shortage.  This approach echoes how Boomer’s grandparents dealt with caregiving issues for their generation. They closed ranks and lent a hand where it was needed in both their families and their communities.

These “just in time” support teams would also offer Boomers new social connections and a deep sense of purpose at a time in their lives when they are needed the most.

The future of U.S. caregiving: High demand, scarce workers

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