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In March 2013 I released my new book Caregiver Mind Maps: New Tools for Aging Parents. I elected a PDF format because the book’s mind maps are designed to be used on the front lines of caregiving, a kinetic space filled with continual explaining, bringing up to speed, and handing off. From personal experience, I knew the book’s mind maps would be marked up, revised, and passed around. All of this tactile interaction required a format that could be easily printed and PDF proved ideal (Download the introduction along with The Healthcare Team Mind Map).

Here is a recent review of the book:

We”ve all heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In his book, Caregiver Mind Maps: New Tools for Eldercare, David Solie illustrates (literally!) the process towards meaningful, results-oriented communication between older adults, their family members, and other stakeholders. David Solie reduces the anxiety around these all-important conversations with step-by-step guidance to ensure a successful outcome. David truly understands the challenges associated with making key, later-life decisions, and provides his own innovative tools to enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Caregiver Mind Maps could revolutionize the way we engage in caregiving in the future. Fortunately for all of us, it’s here now!

Mary Kay Buysse, MS
Executive Director, National Association of Senior Move Managers

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