Caregiver Self-Worth: Perspective and Practice

Coming Along Side by David Solie (

“Some people will like us and some dislike us; some come through for us and some betray us; some care tenderly about our feelings and some trample them under foot. Accepting this variety as a given makes it less likely that we will let the reactions of others determine our personal worth.

Our spiritual practice is a straightforward yes to the full spectrum of human responses we will encounter in our life time. This delivers us from having to feel bad about ourselves or to make others wrong for not loving us. No human being was ever loved or treated respectfully by everyone.

That has to settle in as a simple fact of life. Then we mindfully notice other’s reaction to us and go on loving and respecting others no matter what. Our capacity to love survives unscathed.”…..David Richo from “The Five Things We Cannot Change”

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