Psychology of Aging Parents

Home Rules: We’re Not Going Anywhere

Older adults see where they live as the Alamo and will make their last stand defending it. We advance with logic, manipulations, and threats, and they use any means at their disposal to repel us. Here’s why. 1. The place…

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Last Stories: Adult Children as Legacy Coaches

“People attend, remember, and are transformed by stories… Mary Pipher from Writing to Change the World Stories have a profound impact on our lives. On one level, our identity is the summation of our stories.  When our aging parents enter…

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Informed Control: The Art of Alignment

“I can’t believe I have to take a driving evaluation.” Nancy could hear how upset her father was at the idea of being retested to keep his driver’s license, “I have been a licensed driver for over 50 years, and…

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