David Solie’s Painting Chosen For CURE 2022 Calendar

I am pleased to announce that I was one of 12 artists chosen to have their artwork displayed in Cure’s 2022 calendar. The open call for submissions was restricted to artist who are cancer survivors.  Submissions had to include a commentary about how your artistry helped you cope with your cancer diagnosis. You can download a free copy of the calendar using this link: Cure2022


3 responses to “David Solie’s Painting Chosen For CURE 2022 Calendar

  1. Your words, story, artwork and you are truly inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing your gifts with us. And congratulations for being chosen, beautiful!!!

  2. I have such gratitude for all the wisdom you share and this art and your commentary takes it to a whole new level. Thank You, so much!

  3. Hi David, congratulations I am very happy that your art was selected for Cure 2022, it’s a great achievement. I think I missed this one. I am an audiologist providing domiciliary hearing care to the community in South London (hearingnow.co.uk), When I am not with my patients, I paint! I’m also a part-time artist (www.rroot.art). I would like to wish you all the best of health and success in 2022. Cheers

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