Disclosure for Adult Children

I receive a steady flow of inquires from adult children about what the future holds for them and their aging parents.  Most of them sense some sort of tipping point is near and with it a turn of events where things will get more demanding  and complicated.  So they want to know:

  • What exactly is going to happen?
  • How do you prepare for it?
  • How do you deal with it?

All good questions that certainly deserve in depth answers.  But I also think it’s important to give adult children ample disclosure about the scope and depth of the non-linear quicksand that will soon surround their lives.

To that end, I’ve put together a “disclosure” list of topics and themes that follow the tipping point called Sooner or Later It’s Going To Ge Your Turn:And Here’s What’s Going To Happen:

To receive a complimentary PDF copy of the disclosure list and themes,  just submit the following request form:

4 responses to “Disclosure for Adult Children

  1. I am caregiver for my parents. They are 83. I am 61. They are both demented. It took me a year to get them into Assisted Living. Been there for 16 months. They just want to go home. So very frustrating! Any advice for me? I’m at wits end.

  2. The refrain of ‘I want to go home’ is both understandable and impossible given their health issues. As such, it represents one the truly agonizing dilemmas of being a caregiver for aging parents: safety takes precedent over happiness. Your obligation is to keep them safe, together if possible and as happy as circumstances allow while receiving little if any positive feedback. All of which points to unrealistic assumptions we usually have about the last phase of life. In truth, it’s messy, uneven and full,of ambiguity. We do the best we can while standing toe to toe with issues and circumstances we can’t control. Being clear about our primary responsibilities, limitations and commitment helps us to ease up on expectations that were never possible…

  3. This sounds like a wonderful resource, but I’m having trouble receiving it. I’ve signed up three times with three different email addresses and haven’t received a link or any email. Is there another step that I’m missing?


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