Families Are Wired To Erupt

In truth, families are officially  “complex systems” where seemingly minor changes can produce major consequences ar anytime and without warning.   What seemed like a good idea turns out to trigger an exhaustive meltdown.  Now what?

Accepting this reality as an immutable law of the world of aging parents helps prevents misguided efforts to prevent them from happening. The system is wired to erupt on itself with the slightest tampering. Botton Line: They are unavoidable.

Better to focus on acceptance and patience to allow events run their course. This act of caregiver aikido is the key to reducing the toll these vignettes have on everyone.


on August 2, 2017
I wish my parent’s doctors would read this book! Everyone who deals with those over 70 should read it. We teach early childhood education, but why is there no education in how to deal with those in the last part of their lives, so they feel respected. This guy is great.




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