Infographic: Surviving the Unavoidable Currents of Middle Age

I created this follow up infographic to the Unavoidable Currents of Middle Age.  The first one was all about the sobering currents of the middle crossing.  The new one is all about surviving the currents. 

Use it as a starting point that is not meant to be all inclusive, but, rather foundational because there are two things you have to know about middle age to build a more effective personal navigation strategy:

1.  Remember, all personal navigation strategies are just theory until you put them into play.  Expect and get use to course corrects.  Middle age is non-stop cross currents so don’t judge or compare yourself to other travelers.  Everyone else is in the same boat, half guessing and half hoping.  Just stay focused on your strategy and ride with a lose rein.

2.  It extremely helpful to know the tasks that dominate this life stage, which are a full time battle to preserve stability and at the same time orchestrate reinvention for the second half journey.  Look at these developmental tasks are your friends who are pushing you towards navigational aids that will guide you to your next stage.  Ignoring them may  take you in the opposite direction.

Lastly, from here on out to the end of your journey, it’s all a messy deal.  Wear comfortable clothes, be grateful for other others who understand what you’re going through and avoid wasting days that seem to zoom by in batches.  Despite the intensity of the currents, middle age is filled with deep meaning and purpose beyond a successful landing at old age. It is rich with courage, timed tested love and a personal renaissance if you’re up to it…

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