Infographic: Unavoidable Currents of Middle Age


Sometimes a visual depiction is the most effective way to capture the emotional force of a concept or idea.  That is why I created the Unavoidable Currents of Middle Age infographic.  I wanted to give middle age caregivers a way to better inform family members and friends about the forces of their life-stage bearing down on them.

In addition to informing, the Unavoidable Currents of Middle Age infographic can be an effective tool for setting up and sustaining  personal boundaries.  For example, when someone attempts to hand off an unsolicited task or problem to you, simply show them the infographic and says in a calm voice, “I’d like to help, but as you can see,  I’m hopelessly overbooked with no capacity to take on anything new.”  Resist the temptation to say any more about your decision. Just keep your gaze focused on the infographic and let it send its loud and clear message on your behalf.

One response to “Infographic: Unavoidable Currents of Middle Age

  1. Dear David,

    Thank you SO much for continuing your wonderful contribution with your artwork.
    I am giving a presentation and with your permission, I would like to incorporate the middle age infographic.

    Gratefully Yours,
    Barbara Colella, MS GeroPsycholgy

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