When the last parent is gone…







When The Last Parent Is Gone
By David Solie

When the last parent is gone,
Your heart cannot right itself,
Things that should help,
Heeding warning signs
Repairing loose ends
Bracing for impact
All prove shallow comfort.
For the end of having parents
Activates the orphan gene
Endlessly looping you between
Just here and never coming back,
Releasing a fog of regrets
Choices unable to settle
Moments still getting away.

When the last parent is gone,
Your brain cannot right itself,
Death moving you to the
Head of the line marked
Next to leave, inheriting
The same ambiguity they once
Felt on the leading edge
Of their orphan universe.
The sober search for
Wise counsel to offset
The growing weight
Of winding up the oldest
Too soon, seeing the bulk of life
Once again, getting away.

on August 2, 2017
I wish my parent’s doctors would read this book! Everyone who deals with those over 70 should read it. We teach early childhood education, but why is there no education in how to deal with those in the last part of their lives, so they feel respected. This guy is great.









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