Magical Thinking

Feeling overwhelmed, aging parents may turn to magical thinking to solve problems.  Like denial, it allows them a way to defer the complexity and burden of a problem.

Opting to continue unsafe driving, ignoring financial limitations or rejecting help with spousal care are classic examples of magical thinking.

This presents a painful dilemmas for adult children whose only option may be to voice repeatedly voice their concerns about  the impact of these unrealistic solutions along with their intentions to do the best they can…

One response to “Magical Thinking

  1. I’ve seen SO MUCH magical thinking that I’ve become David Blaine!

    I always tell prospective and current clients (with a smile, of course) “My crystal ball is black.”Let’s see if we can begin to clear it up.” I then begin to walk-through “do-able” options.

    Too bad the current person in the white house lives totally in a “magical thinking reality.”

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