New Boomer Epidemic: Aging Alone

Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.

As the age wave arrives at the land of old, it carries with it a substantial population of childless and unmarried Boomers characterized as “elder orphans.” Aging alone, they face that last phase of life unsupported by no known family member or designated surrogate to act on their behalf.

The link below to an article by Janice Wood outlines the challenges of trying to provide community, social services, emergency response and educational resources to this vulnerable population.

Ironically, this generational crisis could provide Boomers, who vowed to change the world for the better, with a golden moment to make good on that promise. Using their collective talent, experience, and empathy combined with the power of numbers and technology, supported Boomers could come to the aid of their aging alone peers.

Under the banner of a new mobilizing organization aptly named the Aging Together Society (ATS), Boomers could field nationwide chapters of supported volunteers providing local advocacy, friendship, and community to the unsupported. This generational call to service would attract aging Boomers who are tired of standing on the sidelines of social change but have yet to find a compelling opportunity. For those aging alone, it can come none too soon…

Link to Childless Boomers at Risk of Becoming ‘Elder Orphans’ By Janice Wood