New PDF Booklet: Conversations Near The End

“We wish it didn’t come to this, but it does.  Someone you care about is at the end of their life.  No one knows exactly when but everyone is clear about what’s happening.  Now comes the hard part, the conversations that occur before they’re gone.  What do you say to those who are leaving?  How do you avoid stumbling into uninvited pep talks, dismissive assurances, awkward displays of grief, or embarrassing cliches?  Maybe you don’t.  None of us are really prepared for conversations near the end.  Our emotional vulnerability alone leaves us at a loss for the right words.  Fortunately, there are ways to reframe this difficult dialogue that bring comfort and control to the dying.  In the end, it’s all about who’s directing the conversation.”

The above quote is the opening paragraph from Conversations Near The End. As caregivers and maturing adults, it’s a reality we cannot avoid, nor should we.  This article and its mind map offer a perspective, philosophy and frame for these conversations, a way to position your heart and your words to be there when so much so much is on the line.

Use the order form below to request your complimentary PDF copy of the booklet.  As with all of my booklets, please share it with family, friends and anyone who you encounter who is dealing with this issue.



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