No Place Like Home for Aging Parents? Maybe, Maybe Not (Follow Up)

Leslie Peters was my guest on a recent blogtalk radio show I host ( I asked her to provide me with a “list” of questions that would help aging parents and their adult children screen potential senior living accommodations. She was kind enough to send me a list of questions that “often go unanswered.” I think they are excellent. Here they are:

Parent company:

Who owns and operates the community?

How can you find out about the parent company’s fiscal health?

Are there documents such as annual reports or audits that you can have copies of?

Is the company for-profit or not-for-profit? What’s the difference?

How long has the company been in business?


How is the transfer to a higher level of care determined?

Is there someone on staff whose job is to manage transitions from one level of care to another and coordinate communication with the residents, their family members and the physicians?

Are there state and community regulations that determine who is appropriate for each level of care?
What medical and other support services are available on site?

Is there a way of checking to make sure that your Independent residents are up and around each day?


Ask the Marketing person to set up a lunch or dinner with some residents so you can hear firsthand what it is like to live in the community.

Adult children might also consider talking to some of the children of residents to hear about their take on the community, staff and services.

How are new residents welcomed into the community?

Thank you Leslie…