On behalf of all the children…

The courage of love, the resilience of character,
and the blessing of helping hands.

On behalf of all the children who are unable to personally thank Ride-On for providing them with the divinely infused love and an unexplainable comfort that horses bring to their lives, I applaud Ride-On for developing this desperately needed,  life-changing program.  Their unwavering compassion and commitment to the children with significant health burdens and the parents on the frontlines of caregiving require the courage of love, the resilience of character, and the blessing of helping hands. And this is you can make an immediate difference.

Here’s where we need your support with the”the blessing of helping of hands” that was systematically wiped out by the pandemic:

Remi and I asking you to sponsor us to ride on Trailfest by making a donation to Ride-On.  Here’s the link for donations

I am honored to be a sponsored rider for Ride On’s annual fundraiser event called Trailfest, hands down the most favorite event of the year! On Saturday, December 4th, Ride On will be taking a team of horses, staff, volunteers, and students on a unique opportunity to experience an exciting and beautiful trail ride out of Rancho Potrero Community Equestrian Center in Thousand Oaks. Volunteers will help riders throughout the day, keeping busy with tack changes, leading horses, providing support for riders with poor balance, and ensuring a safe, fun experience as they ride the trails.


Here’s the link to Trailfest



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