PDF Copy of “Sooner or Later It’s Going To Be Your Turn” Booklet

This booklet contain 19 different scenarios that adult children may experience when it’s their turn to be caregivers for their aging parents.  It previews the complexity and uncertainty that dominates this demanding role.  It also serves as a reminder that despite good intentions and heroic efforts caregiving  is a messy and uneven process. Better to know this at the beginning of the journey to avoid the tyranny of unrealistic expectations.

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3 responses to “PDF Copy of “Sooner or Later It’s Going To Be Your Turn” Booklet

  1. As a consultant in senior living, David’s book and helpful information has taught me, and so . many people I have helped train, on how to speak to my own parents as well as teach others how to talk to their prospects and their adult children. And, “training” the adult children on how to talk to their parents has been invaluable to them and to me. Thanks!

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