Social Fabric: The Key to Senior’s Quality of Life….

Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.—Aristotle

After completing one of these Social Fabric Mind Maps you can suggest and provide more recreational activities, social outreach, and other ways to provide social support – or brainstorm with other stakeholders intent on improving your loved one’s well-being.

Often just seeing a diagram of the social connections your loved one has will help strategize ways to strengthen existing connections or expand their connections.

Preserving and nurturing social connections is vital to the well being of older adults.  Families need to understand the scope and depth of an aging parent’s social network so they can coordinate their efforts to protect and support it.  That is why we created the Social Fabric Mind Map.

The Social Fabric Mind Map offers families a one page diagram of activities and connections.  Once completed, it helps families sustain the social fabric in four ways:…More info on Caregiver Mind Maps here


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