Strategic Collaboration Calls with David Solie™


If you are getting the same results using the same strategies over and over again with an aging parent, it may be time for a collaboration call to gain both a new perspective on your situation and new communication skills.

Strategic Collaboration Calls with David Solie™ provides individual or multiple participants a confidential forum to discuss questions and concerns about issues and situations regarding aging parents. Based on David’s professional training, clinical experience, unique insights, practical reframing techniques and word choice recommendations, participants gain both a new perspective on what they are experiencing and new tools to expand their communication skills. This combination of new insights and strategies proves to be highly effective for reducing power struggles, repairing broken lines of communication and improving the overall tenor of the partnership with an aging parent.    

The fee for Strategic Collaboration Calls with David Solie™ is $150/hour with a one hour minimum. The call can be scheduled as a one on one session or set up as a conference call with multiple attendees. All calls are invoiced through PayPal, which accommodates all major credit cards.  Send your inquiries about setting up a call to  While calls are usually scheduled Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 4:00pm Pacific Time, evenings and weekends are possible upon request.


on August 2, 2017
I wish my parent’s doctors would read this book! Everyone who deals with those over 70 should read it. We teach early childhood education, but why is there no education in how to deal with those in the last part of their lives, so they feel respected. This guy is great.


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