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Clinical Frailty Scale and Timed Up & Go

  TUG and CFA are two important tools that help clinicians and laypersons alike assess frailty in older adults.  Frailty status impacts the type and degree of healthcare, support services and living accommodations,   Below are links to each assessment tool…

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Emotional Rain

Emotional Rain Legacies of kind, courageous and unadvertised lives with their steady flow of compassion for this world are the emotional rain we all need to weather life’s brutal droughts.  We may never know the source of this remarkable kindness…

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Middle Age + Caregiving: Three Mind Maps

Middle age is daunting for everyone, especially caregivers.  There are so many moving and complicated parts that can quickly overwhelm the best intentions or the most efficient management skills.  One of the biggest mistakes I see middle age caregivers make…

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