communicating with aging parents

The One Thing We Possess Equally

According to the teachers, there is only one thing that all people possess equally. This is their loneliness.   —Hyemeyohsts Storm The age wave brings with it red flag warnings about the increased threat of loneliness for older adults.  Technology cannot…

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What’s the big picture of being older?

The years forever fashion new dreams when old ones go. God help the one dream man…Robert Goddard Aging brings with it losses and recovery. This is not a new experience for aging adults who are veterans of life’s give and…

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Three Complimentary PDF Booklets by David Solie

These three booklets have proven useful to professionals and laypeople alike.  Together, they offer a preview of the unique challenges of caring for aging parents, insights into the unspoken but all consuming psychological agenda of the last phase of life…

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