Secrets Of Healthy Caregivers: The Four-Knows Strategy

It is well documented in the medical literature that the stress of caregiving poses a serious threat to caregiver health. What is not so well documented are strategies that can be implemented to mitigate this threat. One of these is The Four-Knows Strategy.

Below you will find a summary of The Four-Knows Strategy that is designed to set limits that protect the quality of care and caregiver’s health. While conversations about setting limits can at times be difficult, the effectiveness of this approach, especially when deployed early on in the caregiving journey is worth the effort to help family members understand and respect the strategy.

(Secrets of Healthy Caregivers is available in a PDF format upon request.)




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  1. Please send a PDF of this article – the 4 Knows. Your articles are helpful. Thank you!

  2. Please send me pdf copy of the 4 responses to “Secrets Of Healthy Caregivers: The Four-Knows Strategy” Greatly appreciated.

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