The Real Story on Aging: There’s Growth to the End

Here is a recent sample chapter from the new video I’m creating for adult children and their aging parents.  After some unplanned delays, it’s back on track for release by late summer this year.

This chapter of the video addresses the issue of aging and growth, something most people consider an oxymoron for older adults.  I beg to differ. I would argue that the last phase of life is the most complex and demanding growth phase of our lives. And if we are willing to concede that growth is indeed life long, then we are compelled to find ways to facilitate this critical process for our aging parents who have, for the most part, been left by modern society to fend themselves.

Chapter 5  “The Real Story of Aging”

2 responses to “The Real Story on Aging: There’s Growth to the End

  1. I am very excited about The Real Story About Aging. As a Realtor who focuses on serving the 50+ client, I am often times presented with misinformation or misunderstandings between parents and children and each individually as well. Having a credible 3rd party resource to share with clients and their families will be a big help in enlightening them in a decision of such importance such as moving or staying put. Thank you David.

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