These Are My Favorite Life Review Questions…

Life Review: The Questions That Call You Back

Life review is all about the questions that call you back to plot points that wait for you to catch the meaning you missed the last time you circled their story.

Questions that are patiently waiting for you to free up their legacy so they can see it in the here and now before they’re gone, a closure gift of knowing that their life matter, that they made a difference and that at some unspecified inflection point on earth, maybe not every day, every week,every month or every year, but at surely at divinely orchestrated moments over dinner, at the beach or in the dreams of future ancestors, they will be remembered…

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on August 2, 2017
I wish my parent’s doctors would read this book! Everyone who deals with those over 70 should read it. We teach early childhood education, but why is there no education in how to deal with those in the last part of their lives, so they feel respected. This guy is great.