Transition Assets: The Boomers Arriving At 70

“We neither get better or worse as we get older, but more like ourselves”
……Robert Anthony

Beginning in 2016, the boomers will be landing on the shore of seventy something. While turning 70 is still officially classified as “young-old,” there is little doubt this milestone marks a quantum shift in the boomer lifecycle. It also presents an opportunity to reassess transition assets, a tactical prelude to recalibrating goals and expectations for the final phase of life.

The Transition Assets Mind Map provides an overview of six key transition assets that impact sustainability and quality of life. Each asset in the survey is assessed as either “holding its own” (stable) or “not doing so well” (unstable). The overall assessment offers a snapshot of what’s working and what needs immediate attention.

Download PDF Version of Transition Assets Mind Map

The Transition Assets Mind Map is a look forward to the mission that lay ahead. In developmental terms, it shows which assets are in alignment with the tasks of the final phase of life: control and legacy. Conversely, it quickly highlights which of the six assets could potentially undermine them. This “big picture” view at the gateway to the next twenty years could prove invaluable to boomers who are searching for clarity and direction to help them preserve quality of life.