Are Unpaid Caregivers Also Unpaid Healthcare Providers?

Almost half (46%) of family caregivers say they perform medical/nursing tasks. These include handling prescriptions, helping someone climb the stairs with a cane, and caring for and cleaning wounds. Family caregivers often do these tasks with no training or help from health care professionals.

To address this critical need for medical training, AARP’s Public Policy Institute has launched, in collaboration with corporate and academic partners, an initiative called Home Alone Alliance.

The alliance’s first releases in a series of training videos entitled Family Caregiving Video include:

1. Wound Care

2. Mobility

3. Managing Medications


These are high quality, well written and professsionally portrayed training videos that all caregivers will find usefull.  The are available at no cost here: Family Caregiving Video Series.

AARP is to be commended for stepping up and acknowledging the healthcare provider services that caregivers perform as well as creating specialized training programs that are so desperately needed.


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