Wisdom Cards

Aging Parents Dance Cards are a deck of the 20 cards designed for anyone involved in the care of an older adult. Each card is an aphorism I created on a topic, issue, or situation common to the caregiving experience. They are my wisdom cards.

Cards on unknown or unappreciated “rules” about home, families, siblings, and driving help decode the underlying agenda of older adults and its profound impact on their perspective, behavior and priorities.

Cards on magical thinking, secrets, and dilemmas make a compelling argument for resetting expectations in line with reality.

Cards on reframing control, open questions and facilitating last stories provide prompts and strategies for establishing and sustaining rapport.

Cards on spousal care, moving in, medications and social networks help caregivers better understand the limits of what they can and cannot control and chose accordingly.

Cards on shades of dementia, one good day and looking back help frame the end game and what comes after.

On any given day, what all of us really need is one good idea to help sustain us amid the complexity and uncertainty of caregiving. That’s what the cards offer, a quick and effective way to find one good idea when it’s needed the most…

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