Closing the Communication Gap with Our Aging Parents Video

David Solie's new video on Closing the Communication Gap with Our Aging Parents

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I created this new fast-paced video to provide a succinct and compelling overview of my work on the unique psychological agenda of the last phase of life.

The video begins with a familiar communication breakdown between adult children and their aging parents over where the parents should live. It then takes a closer look at the back story of why this happened and then sets out to describe what can make it better.

Not surprising, making things better requires new information about aging that all adult children as well as anyone working with older adults need to know.

Sample: Introduction and Chapter One

This new information highlights the heretofore unknown and unappreciated the psychological developmental tasks of older adults these tasks have a profound influence over the perspective,
behavior and priorities of older adults. Attempting to ignore or override them only leads to poor outcomes and regret.

Instead, using the information about the tasks to “decode” what they have been experiencing but not fully understanding, adult children map out more effective and compassionate communication skills.

The video is must see for adult children or anyone who is working with older adults. It also a unique and compelling resource for prospects and clients who are looking for new ideas on how to improve their communication skills with older adults.

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