Goodbye Greenland

It’s hard to stand by and watch the world as we know it deconstruct in slow motion. As a conservationist and an artist, I have joined the chorus of other artists using their creativity to sound the alarm about this environmental armageddon in hopes of turning the tide before it’s too late.

To that end, I just finished new painting entitled Goodbye Greenland,. It is a scene from the end days where the biosphere prepares to withdraw from earth.  Despite a long list of good intentions and an unwavering faith in our ability to overcome any obstacle, we may simply prove to be nonviable, a shocking destiny for what started with so much potential.

Ever the Franciscan and optimist, I am praying for a yet to be defined cosmic miracle that will save us from this dark destiny, but the English Major in me knows only too well that tragedy is odds on favorite to end this story…

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