The Shifting Sands of Solo Caregiving…

Solo caregiving takes a toll on both parties. What starts out as an act of compassion and loyalty can deteriorate into a role that exceeds the best efforts of one person.

Reframing the situation from a new vantage point helps aging parents see how far our of control things have become. It offers them an opportunity to reconsider the challenges as well as what could make things better.

Focus on what’s working and why. This is the good news and offers aging parents a chance to experience some success. Then consider things that are drifting out of control and why. Emphasize the choices that can help shore up control and in doing so enhance their quality of life…


on August 2, 2017
I wish my parent’s doctors would read this book! Everyone who deals with those over 70 should read it. We teach early childhood education, but why is there no education in how to deal with those in the last part of their lives, so they feel respected. This guy is great.

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