Free-Access 30-Minute Video: Closing the Communication Gap with Our Aging Parents

I created this video for adult children and their aging parents. It is information that both generations need to know about the psychology of the last phase of life. It restores dignity and purpose in the lives of older adults, and it provides adult children with insights about the needs of their aging parents.  My hope is that helps both generations to build a supportive partnership for what lies ahead.

Free-Access, Full-Length Video

Please share this important resource with family members, friends,  and colleagues.  All of us are searching for good ideas to reduce conflict and improve the quality of life for both generations.

2 responses to “Free-Access 30-Minute Video: Closing the Communication Gap with Our Aging Parents

  1. Hi David. I hope this note finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to share that I’m passing your excellent video, Closing the Communication Gap with Our Aging Parents, on to guys in my C3 Forum, as well as to my children. As always, a wonderful job you have done. Here’s my note to them:

    Hey guys

    Here is a great 30-min (yeah, I know—30 min?) on “ closing the communication gap with our aging parents.” Some of you still have aging parents—others of you are like me—we are the aging parents. This video is done by a friend of mine, David Solie, who in his later years refocused his career path onto unpacking the world of generational challenges facing older adults. I’m glad he did.

    I find this video helpful as an older parent in understanding my own feelings about being in this Third Life Age (60+). I’ve got great kids. I know I’m loved. I’m still going to ask them to visit David’s video. I want them to know I’m still learning, too. and if you’re as smart as I hope you are, after listening, you’ll forward this to your adult children, too.



  2. Thank you for creating this beautiful video! You managed to explain in clean and simple terms how to communicate with aging parents/older adults.Your 30 minute lesson gave me such clarity. My parents are deceased and as a family we had the struggles you described. I now have a much better understanding on how to communicate with older adults in general. Thank you so much for sharing this piece of wisdom. I look forward to sharing with others.

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